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Cannot Stop Eating

Personal Project


During my adolescence, I had behaviors approaching "Bulimia nervosa" twice, which

lowered my self-esteem to the extreme. And

people around me didn't understand that eating was such a big deal to me. The mortality rate for people with eating disorders is the highest of all psychiatric illnesses and over 12 times that seen in people without eating disorders. But most people have no idea about this disease. My personal experience and the weak perception of the disease in society inspired me to do this project. In the project, I invited the audience to experience the situation of overeaters and see the world in their eyes, through visual experience and work interaction.

I use the 'toilet' as the medium. As the patient must overeat and vomit in an unoccupied area, I used a medical barrier as a vehicle to 'shield' this behaviour. In the middle of the toilet unit, a "non-food" resembling food is placed to represent the complex relationship between the patient and the food.

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